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New York (page 8 museums)

Ellis Island Museum:

In front of the Statue of Liberty. Now restored as a Museum, Ellis Island served as a pass-through for some 12 million immigrants between 1892 and 1924.


Guggenheim Museum:

5th Ave.& 88th St. Spiral space designed by Frank Lloyd Wright to hold one of the 20th century's greatest private bequests ($12; donations suggested Fri. 6-8).


Museum of Modern Art (MoMA):

33rd St. at Queens Boulevard, Queens. Home of masterpieces Picasso's , Van Gogh's Monet's Water Liliesrates a whole gallery to itself. MOMA also has an outstanding photography collection and a very cool gift shop ($12 adults, Friday 4:007:45 p.m., pay what you wish). 


Metropolitan Museum of Art:

5 Ave. & 82 St. The largest art museum in the western hemisphere (spanning 4 blocks, it encompasses 2 million square ft), the Met is one of the city's supreme cultural institutions. Its permanent collection of nearly 3 million works of art.


Whitney Museum of American Art:

945 Madison Ave., at 75th St. Specializes in contemporary art ($10; pay what you wish Fri. 6-9)


American Museum of Natural History:

Central Park West and 79th St, is most famous for its three large dinosaur halls but don't dismiss the rest of the permanent collection (which numbers about 30 million artifacts). Temporary exhibitions often have an emphasis on hands-on or interactive displays, making the museum extremely popular with kids. www.amnh.org

Also seen in the movie "A night at the Museum"


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